How Do You Manage Personal Information?

The protection of personal information now extends to customers and employees. Are you ready?

What Is Personal Information?

According to a Canadian Government study, 94% of companies collect and store personal information from customers. Under updated privacy compliance regulations, all organizations must verifiably secure personal data and remain accountable for privacy breaches. What are the key facets of this protection?

Privacy Management

Managed Privacy Canada (MPC) makes it easy to establish and manage privacy compliance with the MPC PrivacyDash™, Canada's most configurable privacy compliance tool

Privacy Assessment

Qualifying organizations demonstrate compliance and establish trust with the Verify™ PIA Statement of Trust, the industry's best professional privacy attestation.

Privacy Education

Verify™ clients receive year-round education, consulting and training from e-learning tools as well as live, certified privacy professionals who report to executives and engage with employees.